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Sales & Marketing

Every company is, to some extent, dependent upon marketing and selling their goods and services effectively and often spend a considerable percentage of their budget on these activities. This is often without giving consideration as to whether the same results achieved could be improved upon through the adoption of a more cost effective focused strategy.

The degree of measurement which is applied to the sales and marketing process - in comparison with other departments, for example production - is also invariably based upon subjective judgment, rather than the determination and subsequent monitoring of key performance indicators.

If you can answer with confidence the majority of questions contained within the checklist below then you probably have a very effective sales and/or marketing organisation.

If, however, you identify areas that give you cause for concern - or you would like to improve - then it is almost certain that you could get a better return on your sales & marketing budget and that it is worth your while talking to one of our qualified consultants.

1. My sales and marketing strategy would benefit from being reviewed Yes or No?
2. I have a rigorous sales and marketing plan Yes or No?
3. I get a satisfactory return on my sales and marketing budget Yes or No?
4. The degree of market research carried out is adequate for our needs Yes or No?
5. I am satisfied that we do not miss market opportunities Yes or No?
6. Marketing services, advertising and PR are all managed effectively Yes or No?
7. The sales force are well led and directed Yes or No?
8. Targets and performance indicators are set for all sales people Yes or No?
9. Sales targets are invariably achieved Yes or No?
10. The control over key performance indicators is effective Yes or No?
11. All sales people are working as productively as I would wish Yes or No?
12. Communication between the external and internal sales team is good Yes or No?
13. The sales team are regularly provided with sales training Yes or No?
14. We have a high conversion rate of quotations into orders Yes or No?
15. Discounting is maintained at the minimum level Yes or No?
16. The sales team are effective negotiators Yes or No?
17. My sales team is better than the competition Yes or No?
18. My sales team is worse than the competition Yes or No?
19. I would like to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of the sales team Yes or No?