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A Model for Strategic Planning

Model process

One of the most important functions of a CEO and his board is to provide clear, concise objectives supported by simple strategies to ensure they are achieved. The more complicated the plan, the more difficult it is to communicate and the more likely it is to fail.

Whilst the majority of businesses have a detailed budget, there is no substitute for a well thought out strategy that takes into account the circumstances in which the business currently operates or is likely to operate in the future.

Our company has developed a very simple but effective planning model by which, initially with the aid of a consultant, you will be able to analyse your business and the markets in which it operates, effectively set long, medium and short term objectives and plan for their attainment.

Your managers - having been trained - would then be encouraged to participate in the planning process so that not only will they have the skills to enable them to do it unaided in the future, but will have ownership towards the plan they will have helped to develop.