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Training & Development

Success very rarely happens by accident. If you examine a truly successful company, at its heart you will invariably find well trained and highly motivated managers and staff.

Whereas in the past, many companies have anticipated that managers will acquire skills to enable them to perform their role once they have been appointed to the job. Enlightened companies realise that to compete in today`s market, managers need to have a thorough knowledge of the modern management skills and techniques necessary to enable them to recruit, lead, direct, train, motivate and control the people for whom they are responsible.

Our consultants have for over twenty years made a thorough study of the most modern and successful techniques used within many major organisation to develop their people and, as a consequence, have created practical training programmes which will be precisely tailored to the needs of our clients - depending upon the individual circumstances.

Why not use the checklist on this page to ascertain those areas in which your managers would benefit from training. It is by no means exhaustive but if you identify just a few areas in which you feel your managers are under-performing then it is probably costing you money and worth considering a solution.

1. My managers are good at managing attitudes and the change process Yes or No?
2. They are effective at recruiting high quality staff Yes or No?
3. They understand the process of and are good at strategic planning Yes or No?
4. They set stretching measurable objectives and standards for their staff Yes or No?
5. They measure and control the activities of their staff very effectively Yes or No?
6. They fully understand the techniques necessary to motivate their staff Yes or No?
7. They understand and practice the art of delegation Yes or No?
8. They manage time effectively Yes or No?
9. They are good at problem solving Yes or No?
10. They identify and address the training needs of their staff Yes or No?
11. They are good at communicating at all levels Yes or No?
12. Their writing skills - particularly report writing - are good Yes or No?
13. They contribute well at meetings and are capable meeting leaders Yes or No?
14. They regularly appraise their staff Yes or No?
15. They always deal with personnel problems effectively Yes or No?
16. They have good interpersonal skills Yes or No?